The Basic Principles Of PTA


Parent’s teacher association (PTA) is a formal organization of parents and
that is formed to get parents involved in their children’s academics as well as
help and reform the school systems. The main focus of any PTA is to work for the
prosperity of the school going children.

PTA’s provide parents and teachers a mutual platform to work for the betterment
of the school, teaching and everything that in�uences the physical and
growth of a child. PTA meeting helps both parents and teachers to involve and
discuss and solve any particular issues they are facing.

For the proper working of PTA meeting following points should be kept in the

Create a meeting schedule and communicate date and timing of the PTA meeting.
Make the report cards and other content ready which are required in the PTA

On meeting, begin by discussing positive aspect of the child’s experiences in
class and also end up with student’s strengths.

Explain your goals for the child and how each student’s progress is determined.
Talk about Childs work. Discuss the child’s performance in each subject.

Listen to parents, it will help you understand what they want for their child.
Close the meeting by setting goals for the child’s future work.

Suggest strategies for meeting those goals.

Need for conduction of PTA meetings in the schools are many and some of them are
listed below:-

PTA brings parents into the equation that provides a fresh insight on the
improvements that are needed.

It improves home-school communication by providing two way communication
between parents and teachers.

PTA is needed to raise funding which provides students with extra facilities.

It is also required to improve parental relationships and teachers get to know
about student’s home life.

It provides opportunity to talk about academic performance of each student.
PTA can be a way to suggest change at their Childs school.

Importance of PTA meetings in schools are given below:-

It provides opportunity to open two ways communication for the welfare of the

Provides great opportunity for the parents and teachers to develop a healthy
relationship and holistic development of child.

PTA is a great platform for parents and teachers to share insight and
for the development of child.

It helps educators to know Childs weakness and strengths from parent’s

Helps to know and to work for the modi�cation of student’s performance and to
ensure best academics and non-academic performance of the child.

PTA hosts fun, educational clubs, programs and events for families.

Major aims and objectives of conducting PTA in the schools are as follows:-

To bring home and school in close contact.

To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, society and community.
To raise the standards of home life of the child.

To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of the children website and youth.

To encourage parents to become more involved with children’s school. -To provide
support for school events and others important occasions.

Any parent teacher association cannot be considered good unless there is full
cooperation from both sides. For PTA, teacher has following roles:

To inform the parents regarding entire activities of the school and related
from time to time.

To convey the examination result of students to their parents.

If any fund is being collected for any kind of purpose in school, teacher should
make parents aware regarding this subject.

To discuss with parents about students and help in �nding problems of students.
If any student is absent for a long period of time, teacher should contact his
parents and try know the reason behind it.

Notifying parents if homework or project work assigned by the school to students
is continuously incomplete.

If school wants to take students for any excursion or trip for any purpose,
should inform parents regarding this subject.

Before coming to the school, basic education of child is given in the house
only by the
parents. In complete development of the student, parent’s contribution is very
important. Parents have following role:-

Parents should continuously monitor children’s activities.

Parents should continuously discuss the student’s home life with teacher.
Parents should always get involved in PTA meetings.

Parents should always motivate student to participate in school’s various
Behaviour of the student in the school should be discussed with teacher.

Getting the students examination results on time and consulting the teacher on
this subject.

Observing the students interest in education and school.

Parent should be in constant contact with the teacher and should keep complete
information about school and the students.

Parent teacher association is very important for students. Complete development
of student is assured through this association and tries to meet his needs. This
association not only ful�ls the needs of students but also of teachers and
Unless teachers know their students well and are knowledgeable about their
achievements, they cannot be confident that their teaching is meeting the
needs of their students. Therefore parent teacher association helps in complete
development of a child and lets teacher and parents understand their children’s
needs and progress completely.

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